A reflection of how life is in a busy restaurant, the play places all the characters in their work routine and shows the troubles and problems they have to get through in their quotidian life. Creating a cacophony of sounds with the pacing and kitchen utensils, this version of the play becomes a metaphor of work and its relentless daily routine. The love affairs, dreams, and frustrations of cooks, waitresses, and kitchen managers are orchestrated at a hectic pace.

By Arnold Wesker
Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Produced by Teatro Britanico - Peru

Arnulfo Maldonado, Set & Costumes
Wicho García, Sound
Rolando Muñoz , Lights
Baldomero Cáceres
Franklin Dávalos
Jimena Lindo
Alberick Garcia
Omar García
Leslie Guillén
Rocío Limo
Wendi Pomar
Malena Romero
Sebastian Rubio
Stefano Salvini
Emanuel Soriano
Leonardo Torres-Vilar
Cristian Ysla