Set in plague-ravaged 17th-century London where social roles and the boundaries that describe them have been thrust into chaos. The definition of morality is up for grabs. History is being tantalised. And whilst the wealthy William Snelgrave dreams of sweating, swearing tars, and of how sailors satisfy their “baser instincts” so far away from female company, his own wife, untouched for 40 years, is discovering that her dreadfully burned body may not be numb after all. The human heart craves comfort, contact, tenderness. Survival may take many forms.

by Naomi Wallace
Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Produced by New York University – Experimental Theatre Wing

Misha Mullany
Maggie Pecorino
Conrad Rippy
Michael Saguto
Marion Strauss
Scenic Design: Devin Petersen
Costume Design: Richard Aaron
Lighting Design: Theodora Chiu
Sound Design: John Albano
Photography: Justin Chauncey
Production Stage Manager: Rachel Daugherty