Through a series of sixteen short scenes, a man and a woman experience different aspects of a relationship. The show is a study of erotic and emotional power relations between a man and a woman. Both may share a history or may just have met, leading us towards an extreme and visceral connection that can never be attained. The play explores the impossible encounter between the couple through seemingly everyday situations.

By Peter Asmussen
Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Co-produced between InTandem Lab and Teatro Vira Da Lata
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creative Team:
Leia Rapozo (Performer)
Jose Manuel lazaro de Ortecho (Performer)
Grisell Piguillem (Lights)
Telumi Helen (Costumes)
Luciano Carvalho (Composer and Pianist)
Fernando Tiumba (Video)
Gisela Cardenas (Photography)