Medea abandons home, family, and social position to follow Jason, an ambitious man who pursues power and recognition. They have settled in Corinth, and now, Jason wants to ignore his commitment to Medea and their two kids. Jason will marry in a few hours with the King's daughter. Medea has managed to gain permission from the King to remain for one day in the city to find a place to flee with her two kids. One single day will be enough for this woman to teach Jason, the town, and in general, us to beware of women who have plans.

Adapted by Alfonso Santisteban
Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Produced by CCPUCP, Peru

Creative Team:
Magaly Bolivar
Mirella Carbone
Jimena Lindo
Grapa Paola
Cesar Ritter
Sofía Rocha
Malena Romero
Jose Carlos Tuccio
Javier Valdez
Odette Velez
Arnulfo Maldonado, Set
Oana Botez, Costumes
Lucrecia Briceño, Lights
Pauchi Sasaki, Music Composition and Sound