Opening in the darkly lit and stark prison cell in which Mary Stuart has spent the last months of her life, the play explores the last days of Mary’s life and the dramatic political events that push Elizabeth toward signing the warrant for Mary’s death.
This take of Schiller’s famous play seeks to make it relevant and voracious by creating a world where toxic masculinity and his quest for power have poisoned women themselves. Set apparently in a luscious court, the play takes on unmasking characters and sets to uncover the putrid structures of power that lie underneath and drag Elizabeth into the madness and desperation of a guilty conscience.

By Friedrich Schiller
Directed by Gisela Cardenas

Kimie Nishikawa, Set
Ntokozo Kunene, Costumes
Christopher Weston, Lights
Marcelo Añez, Sound
Milica Paranosic, Original Composition
With Barnard and Columbia students