Instructions to Decode is a Punk rock meditation on human change and transformation from the point of view of one of the most irritating yet invulnerable omnivores around us: Roaches. The production revamped material from classical literature by colliding it with multi-media technology and an original punk-rock score. Written in verse, it is an urban exploration of Gregor Samsa’s old struggle with entrapment. The play is a loud, wild and sexy animal ride that, when it finds silence makes the world stop around. The “bugs” work the text as music. Without representing what the text explores with their bodies, they counterpoint and add to the show’s excitement, mischievousness, and mystery of these tiny creatures.

Written by Gisela Cardenas after Kafka’s Metamorphosis

Creative team:
Ryan Justesen, Director & Co-creator
Derya Celikkol, Roach 1
Katie Proulx, Roach 2
Sarin Monae West, Roach 3
Vivian Chiu, Producer
Milica Paranosic , Composer
Polina Bakhtina, Cellist
Yifu Chien, Original Photography