A woman waits endlessly at her home's door for her brother to avenge her father's death. Her daughter lives endlessly, fearing that her son will kill her. Both women fight for justice. But justice can have many meanings. After one hundred years, two siblings whose fate is in the hands of corrupt politicians seem to depend more on a newspaper front page or a T.V Interview than on real justice. Can a country hope to be a democratic one when it is guided by vengeance and silence? Two ancient tragedies by Euripides Electra and Orestes are adapted for the contemporary stage.

Adapted by Alfonso Santisteban
Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Produced by Centro Cultural de la Universidad del Pacifico, Peru
Creative Team:
Magaly Bolivar
Alexa Centurión
Franklin Dávalos
Alberick Garcia
Jimena Lindo
Aristóteles Picho
Teresa Rally
Malena Romero
Sebastian Rubio
Jose Carlos Tuccio
Javier Valdez

Arnulfo Maldonado, Set
Oana Botez, Costumes
Harry Chavez, Lights
Wicho Garcia, Music Composition and Sound