Set in 1960s Manhattan, the story centers around a young woman and man closing up a late-night diner. On a late-night on Valentine's Eve, Velma and Frankie are closing up a cafeteria in Manhattan. Vilma is a woman tormented by a controlling and oppressive mother who rarely has adventured alone at night, so far away from home. Frankie is a jaded writer who sinks his lack of success in alcohol and waiting tables at the dinner. Their conversations spark self-discoveries and unexpected confessions that cement a crucial connection and potentially a love born out of surrendering to each other. The production re-creates and reinvigorates Melfi's play as an environmental experience at the Williamsburg Music Center.

By Leonard Melfi
Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Produced by Kitchen Table Works, New York

Creative Team:
James H. Doan, Performer
Kiyo Takami, Performer
Kimie Nishikawa, Set
Brynn Almli Costume, Design
Chris Weston, Lighting Design
Milica Paranosic, Sound

Gisela Cardenas, Photography