Spinning the original greek classic, this play's staging explores post-traumatic stress disorder in a world where the Olympian gods turn like D.J.'s the rhythm we dance around in life. Tormented Ajax, captain of a company of soldiers fright one of the biggest wars, commits suicide after a psychotic episode. After this event, the real tragedy ensues, where two camps will battle for the meaning of his death. The political forces in the play want to forget and hide his madness washing their hands of any responsibility. But, on the other hand, his family wants to pay homage to the soldier who surrenders everything for his country. How can a man's life and death find their real meaning in the middle of a ferocious war?

Adapted from Sophocles and directed by Gisela Cardenas
Target Margin Theater, New York

Creative Team:
Jonathan Green
Laura Heidinger
Dustin Hellmer
Heather Hollingsworth
Ryan Justesen
Mikaal Sulaiman

Oana Botez, Costumes
Kelina Gotman, Dramaturg