Narrative experiences, new understandings

InTandem Lab is a creative collective focused on producing performances that deepen our understanding of the world we live, inviting a wide range of interdisciplinary voices to think in and through actions. It was founded in New York in 2016 by theatre director Gisela Cardenas, on the guiding principles of collaboration, process and training. We are mostly interested in crossing, bridging and re-configuring boundaries by questioning traditional assumptions of ownership and ways of creating theatre.

Inner landscapes, outer shapes

Our work is nurtured by a deep archetypal and mythological exploration of alternative narrative structures aiming at exploring non-traditional ways of creating performances. We strive to dive inside and broaden the universal drama that emerges from these journeys, which allows us to trigger poetic debates that connect the present and propel it to the future.

We play, therefore we research...

Play as a higher form of human research is front and center as our method. A basic set of rules, a space, and a group of avid players are all that is needed to throw us into mystery.
Gradually the work breathes and emerges as we excavate deeper and inside the game. Chaos gives place to order, and order leads back to chaos. It is in this back and forth that the work coagulates and finds finally its presence on stage.