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Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations, is a devised theater opera inspired by Bizet’s Carmen. Mixing opera, text, video-mapping and performing objects, this project seeks to create a multilayered structure that crosses time and geographical borders following the experience of the potential different faces that Carmen can take.

Structurally speaking we will a frame the opera as an exhibition about a fiction, a mythological narrative whose many intriguing parts will be deconstructed to be examined and contemplated as real objects and as illusions. The audience will be invited to compare, collate and ruminate on all the parts that go together to make an performance of the combination of the following two elements: A) reconstruction of a historical event, b) an exhibition of the relics of a piece of fiction. This Theater Opera will show the real and the imagined, the found and the reconstructed, with objects, sets, actors, props, texts, diagrams, projections and research references, to offer a multifaceted experience, that is akin in fact to the way we go about the world—absorbing and learning through casual incidental and focused observation, through conscious research, through the opinions of others, through jogged memory, through accepting and rejecting received information and developed prejudices and through imaginative reinterpretation and non-sequential dreaming.